Adding header information to email notifications

We'd like to be able to filter our YouTrack emails by using the email's header, for things like "assigned to me" or "raised by me" or even "Starred issues", but by default, there's very little in there.

Return-Path: <YouTrack@mailserver> X-Footer: YmxpdHpnYW1lc3N0dWRpb3MuY29t Received: from ServerPC Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 10:43:13 +0100 (BST) From: Username To: AnotherUsername Message-ID: <Issue1365586993940@mailserver> In-Reply-To: <70-66062@mailserver> References: <70-66062@mailserver> Subject: [YouTrack, Commented] Issue AD3-151: Background gradient shader constants MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed;     boundary="----=_Part_15030_24643579.1365586993940" X-Charisma: Commented X-EsetId: 9641A63C0BE3B833C10CF9

So it looks like I can figure out whether it's new or commeneted via the X-Charisma value, but not things like who it's assigned to, or what project it's part of, or basically the reason I've got the email.

The only reason I'm wanting to use the header info is because our Kerio/Outlook combo doesn't allow for filtering from message body.

Is it possible to add any of this data to the header via mail templates?
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Hi Jim,

Am I right with that, you cannot use the "Subject" details for filtering? I need to clarify this, because "Subject" is not included to message body, and in fact, you are able to use it for filtering.

If it's not possible with Kerio/Outlook, we'll try to find another way.

Unfortunately, adding such objects via template is not implemented yet.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

Kerio does allow for filtering via subject title, which would work well for filtering 'new' issues, from 'comment updates', but doesn't really help for the filtering we tend to use here.

The main things I'd require personally, is a way to filter issues assigned to me, starred by me, and voted by me, so that I can instantly see issues that directly concern me, and then I can browse the non-filtered mails at a more suitable time.

Our managers should be able to use the subject line's project ID to filter issues for their projects, but would probably like subcomponents exposed in some way too, and some TMs like to filter notifications for issues concerning each of their team members (which would be covered by fixes for the above paragraph).

Use Cases
For my personal example with Bugzilla, I have 4 mail folders,
  • Issues
    • My Issues
    • Issues reported by me
    • Issues I'm CC'd on
    • All other issues in my project

And I prioritize the reading of them in that order.

These are handled using a similar filtering syntax as the following (note the 'X-Bugzilla' header values):

if address :all :contains "From" "bugzilla" {   if header :contains "X-Bugzilla-Assigned-To" "jparker at gamecompany dot com"   {     fileinto "Inbox/bugs/My bugs";     stop;   }   if header :contains "X-Bugzilla-Reason" "CC Reporter"   {     fileinto "Inbox/bugs/My reported bugs";     stop;   }   if header :contains "X-Bugzilla-Product" ["Tools", "Distributed Build", "TSL", "Support Tools"]   {     if header :contains "Subject" "New: "     {       fileinto "Inbox/bugs/New tools";       stop;     }     fileinto "Inbox/bugs/Tools";     stop;   }   fileinto "Inbox/bugs";   stop; }
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Any other information that could assist here?
I'm hoping to get our whole team using YouTrack, and them not being able to filter based on certain attributes will affect their ability to react to issues.

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