Multiple external ticket references

We are using YouTrack for our development issues, and need to link back to our customer support ticket system. In the past (Mantis) we just put the ticket numbers in the description, but I was hoping to actually have a custom field for it in YouTrack.

The problem I can't seem to resolve is that there can be multiple tickets per issue, and if I create a custom field of type 'string', and put something in there like "10000, 10003, 10008", I can't seem to search for 10003.

I could use an enum[*], but as every issue will have different ticket numbers, it would be cumbersome to have to go in an create a new value for the enum each time.

Basically, how do I search for all issues with a custom field containing a value? I've tried *10003* and that doesn't return anything. Also "ticket: 10003" with or without wildcards doesn't work.


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