Workflow not working on created tasks from agile board


I have the following workflow rule in place and it works fine when I create an issue, the problem I have is when creating tasks I want the same workflow to apply which is not happening.  I want to set the assignee to the project lead and make sure the state is new.  Can anyone show what I am doing wrong?

rule Add assignee on creation

when isReported() {
    Assignee = project.leader;
    State = {New};
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Hi Kevin,

please use !isReported() if you'd like to trig the workflow on some change in the draft.

The other related method becomesReported() is trigged on the new issue submit.
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Thanks for your reply but the becomesReported() seems not to be trigged on the new task submit which is created in the agile board.  Should this be the case?
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It's know bug, please vote/comment the JT-17965.

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