Refresh of search results

Hi There,

I have just started playing with Youtrack and like it a lot. However I noticed that search results (which you can see on the left) are not updated automatically. I.e. when I click on issue and change several parameters, like project, assignee etc, those searches are not updated as soon as issue is update. I have to click several times in windows to refresh Chrome until data are correct.

Can you advice?


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Hello Vladimir,

Thank you for pleasant feedback.
That's not an issue. This behaviour was implemneted to prevent performance issues. So, results won't be refreshed in interactive manner.

Thank you.
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This is one of the biggest complaint I receive from my team.

Our end result is an issue count in the saved searches that is never close to accurate.

Is there a better way to get an issue count for a saved search other than viewing that search then advancing to the last paginated page to view the total count?

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