TeamCity 8.0 requires YouTrack 4.2.4 which is not yet published

In reviewing the installation/upgrade instructions for TeamCity 8.0 I came across the following:

Compatibility with YouTrack

If you use JetBrains YouTrack and use it's TeamCity integration features, please note that only YouTrack version 4.2.4 and later are compatible with TeamCity 8.0.

Here is the link:

I note that YouTrack 4.2.4 has not yet been published.  Is this a documentation error (safe to proceed with TeamCity upgrade) or should I wait to do so until YouTrack 4.2.4 has been published?

Thanks, Robin.
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Hi Robin,

That's not an error. TeamCity 8.0 requires YouTrack 4.2.4. Documentation was updated along with new version of TeamCity.
YouTrack 4.2.4 update will be available till the end of next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience you might experienced.

Thank you.

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