Attach file to issue via REST API problem - "No content" response

I try to use REST API for make simple "submit bug" form in our software.
Issue created successfully, but I can't attach any file to any issue.
No response from server, always returned "No content". Can you clarify of this process? I attach file with traffic of POST request/response (in winpcap format). (59KB)

  • my test user was successfully authenticated and other operation (create issue and so on) executed successfully.
  • this "test user" is system administrator.
  • file is very small (60 KB length) and have jpeg format, I think no restrictions of this content type.

Thanks for your great work!
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Hello Denis,

Thank you for your feedback!

Please, clarify what YouTrack version do you use?
Command and the process are discribed here.

Thank you.
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Hello! I have the same problem. The description from documentation doesn't help. Please, give an example, if it is possible - in the C#, with use class HttpWebRequest.

Thanks for your help!

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