Paging issues in tree view - YouTrack currently unusable

Using YouTrack 4.2.3

I primarily use the tree view when browsing issues. Currently paging does not work correctly - the ordering screws up on the second page and items are repeated / out of order. This has rendered YouTrack unusable for maintaining our backlog.

We have an issue type of Epic, which has sub-tasks / issues.

  • Switch to tree view
  • Sort by Issue ID
  • 100 issues per page
  • Epics 304 to 25 are shown on the first page in reverse ID order, with their sub tasks. This is as expected.
  • Move to page two
  • Epics are out of order: 29;30;152;25;96;212 etc. All of these have already been shown on page 1.
  • I would expect Epics with IDs < 25 to be shown.

I have no way of browsing my entire backlog in tree view.

Please advise. Waiting for YouTrack 5 is unreasonable.
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Hello James,

Thank you for raising this. I've created an issue , please leave commants and votes. It will be fixed in future updates.
Currently I'd like to recommend you to use a workaround:
(1) use sorting by issue id for the first page. Remember the last issue on the page (i.e. with the issue id TST-100)
(2) show issues range using this query
issue id: TST-100 .. <last issue id of all issues>

You'll be shown all issues from TST-100 till the last one on the page
(3) remember the last issue id on the page (i.e. TST-200) and execute the similar query
issue id: TST-200 .. <last issue of all issues>

I beleive it'll help you. Actualy, this is rather simple workaround.

Thank you.

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