Search fails for simple string with a comma in it

As we are unable to search custom fields correctly in a "contains" way (e.g. "show all tickets where CustomFields CONTAINS 'something'") we've been putting the 3rd-party ticket references in the description, so we can find it:

    Ticket ID: 12345
    This is the full description of the ticket...

If I now type in 12345 into the search/command bar, it finds the Issue with that text in it.

If, however, we have multiple ticket ID's, it fails:

    Ticket ID: 12345,67890
    This is another ticket with two numbers in it

When I search for 67890 nothing is returned.
When I search for 12345 nothing is returned.

It's just text - I don't see why a comma in the description is being handled any different to any other character.
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String '12345,67890' is handled as one word by the analyzer. Use gaps when you need to mention two IDs in descroption.
Ticket ID: 12345, 67890 (with the gap after comma character).
Searching for '67890' returns Ticket ID: 12345, 67890 as a result.
Searching for '12345' returns both tickets.

Thank you.

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