Multiple Add watcher bug

As I understand, I got a bug.
When I add more than one watcher to an issue via Command Window the last user in watcher list becomes an assignee of an issue. And previous assignee changed.

For example:
1. Issue`s assignee is Assignee1
2. I write in command window "add watcher Assignee2 Assignee3"
3. Issue`s assignee becomes Assignee3 and watcher is Assignee2, Asignee1 is absent
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Hello Artem,

That's not an issue.
You may take a look at the Command preview section in Command window, when you run command
add watcher usersname1 username2
and you'll see two commands in list
1.Star issue for username1
2.Add Assignee username2

Use this structure to accomplish multiple adding
add watcher username1 watcher username2

Thank you.
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Ok. Thank`s )

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