Dynamically Change Fields

In YouTrack for a project I have two fields. The first field is System and the second field is SubSystem. A System has a relation to a group of SubSystems. The problem is that I have over 300 SubSystems.

What I would like to do is make it so that the value of the System field changes the contents of the SubSystem field. This way when say System1 is chosen I only see SubSystem1, Subsystem2 and Subsystem3 in the SubSystem field. When System2 is chosen I only see SubSystem4 and SubSystem5.

I have been looking for a way to do this, but it does not seem possible at all. Hopefully someone can please help me do this.

  • Thank you for any and all help
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Hello CyDrive,

Unfortunately, we cannot change bundles dynamicaly.
I'd recommend you a way around.
We have a workflow called 'subsystemAssignee' which sets a particular (owner of subsystem) assignee when some subsystem is choosen. You can modify this workflow to make it possible to set a subsystem each time you choose a particular system. For that, you need to make your system field of a type 'ownedField[*]' and assign several subsystems to each system.
This is not complete solution for you, but looks like an available workaround.

Thank you.
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Alright, was afraid of that. Thank you very much though for the fast response.
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Unfortunately this feature isn't implemented yet, please review JT-8639.

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