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We would to use youtrack for follow-up and tracing of all issues/discussion inside and outside our company. But we have one problem, all user will not have access to youtrack but we want to follow the discussion and all the comments received from them trough a mail integration on a specific address.

So far, we have tested the Ban functionality but it seems when you ban somebody, the mail integration doesn't take in account all issues received from this user.  Do you have an another idea, how to complete this task?

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When user is banned, he is not allowed to log in YouTrack and create issues, so the same rule is applied to the mailbox integration- email received from the user won't become issues in YouTrack.
Mailbox integration can be configured so to make one user as a reporter for all issues. Another way is to create a YouTrack user for all reporters.
Unfortunately, there is no other intelligence way to accomplish this.
You may have a look at the related problem , but please, note, this way assumes all limitations of a 'guest' user.

Thank you.
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but i presume that when you set the user as guest, this user is never notified about the issue and all the changes on this issue.

what i want is :
  • a mail is send with a subject containing the project name and the name of the issue. The body of the mail is the content of the issue (attachement are sub information), subject is the Issue Name. Youtrack gets it and create an issue with state "new" and type "auto generated issue"
  • when a mail with same subject is received, youtrack creates a comment and the user on the first point is informed trough a notification. Mail integration must attach this answer as a comment on the same issue.  

i don't want to take unlimited license for all people that have a discussion with the ICT service on all the projects. I would like to have a certain number of user (50) which can create issue/edit/comment/close them if necessary. So essentially track all discussion/exchange of an issue in youtrack...

Maybe i'm dreaming :)
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And paying license for contractor is not a good idea. but following them, adding comment trough mail is for us very important.

Do you have an idea how to resolve that?

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