Mailbox Integration: Do not copy quoted text as a comment

The mailbox integration works great, but I wonder if it is possible to only copy the latest answer from an e-mail. Currently it works so that if a person responds to my e-mail and the issue is updated, then it will include the persons reply as well as quoting my initial e-mail.
I try to illustrate it better:
Person A -> sends e-mail to Person B -> content is ABC
Person B -> replies to Person A -> content is DEF
The issue in youtrack will be updated as follows:

From: Person B
To: Person A

Ideally we would like to only update the issue with the information sent from Person B (i.e. DEF). Is there a way to not copy the whole chain of replied e-mails and just update it with the latest e-mail?
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Hello Harakka,

Could you please, clarify, does you reply become a comment of an original issue or it creates a new issue with the whole email chain as a description?
Check that you have permissions to add comments; you don't add anyone in email chain and don't modify the email's subject, so just reply without changes in header of the message.
If it doesn't help, please provide us with the .eml files of that messages.

Thank you.
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We realized this problem seems to be coming from using an account that belongs to a google apps domain. So if you reply to a google apps email, then the issue is updated with all the "history" of the email (that is quoting previous e-mails). This is specially problematic when having long email conversations because it creates issues to be extra long. Since this seems to be a problem related to a google apps mail account, I guess there is little you can do about it.

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