several errors while I'm using python utility to import from redmine 2.3.2 to youtrack

Hello, giks

Have a problems like that:
I've tried to use python utility to import from redmine 2.3.2 to youtrack, but have 2 errors for nowdays:
1. Failed to import issue [ somename-1 ].Reason : <item id="1" imported="false"><error fieldName="numberInProject" value="1">Value is not unique</error>

I think it's coz I have several projects and many issues inside each projects
So, that coz redmine start from 1 issue number for each project, but youtrack save all issues from 1... and it doesn't metter which issue belong to which project. IMHO

2. raise youtrack.YouTrackException(url, response, content)
youtrack.YouTrackException: Error for 404: Not Found: User [ OlegL ] not found.

That's strange coz I have that group named "PAT2 Tester" but error happened.

Can you pls help me, or suggest what to do to fix it and use youtrack only.

Thx, BR
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also, when I try to import to
I have this error:
AttributeError: 'Role' object has no attribute 'name'

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