Problem seeing sub-tasks on the board


Was wandering if anyone else experienced the similar problem: I have a task on the board (say sprint1) and I create sub-task of it. The new task gets automatically the same sprint1 defined, so should show up on the board (I assume) bud it doesn't. The only way to make it show is to make it undefined first, and then once it shows in the backlog column drug to the board.
Am I right to assume that this is a bug, or I'm missing something?

Also, according to the, the subtasks should show up as numbered items on the parent task (neat feature) but they don't. Again, is this a bug or the feature didn't make it to the production and features page needs to be changed?
(similar discrepancies are in the description of Kanban boards btw)


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Hi Zurab,

First of all sorry for the delay.
Do you create a new task on a swimlane, from the Agile board? How do you identify a swimlane?
Numbered subtasks can be showed if you have disabled Swimlanes.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

So create a new task from from the issues page. It's not just sub-tasks. if I create a new task (alt+insert) while on the agile page, the task shows up on the board. But if I do the same from the issues page, and specify appropriate sprint, that issue doesn't show on the board (and since it has sprint already defined, doesn't show in the standard backlog filter either)

If I edit the issue, remove the sprint, then it will show up in the backlog side and I can drag it to the board. But any task that is a sub-task of another task doesn't show up on the board at all (swimlanes enabled or disabled). The only time when I see the sub-task if I change the parent's type to feature and turn on the swimlanes.
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Please check that in Agile settings you have enabled 'Submitted' board column.

Thank you.
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Subtasks still don't show up.

What I did:
  • created new empty test project;
  • created new board;
  • created a task(s) they show up on the board;
  • opened a task, which is already on the board (has defined sprint name) and created a sub-task;
  • sub-task doesn't show up on the board; (submitted column is on)
  • I change state of that sub-task to open, in-progress - still not shown on the boar.

So like that I've created 8 tasks and 4 sub-tasks; all 8 are shown on the board; none of the 4 subs show up;
  • I went to the task (one of those 8 on the board) and edited so it's a subtask of another one; it disappeared form the board.

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