Project Management with Projects depending on other project

We have 2 "big projects" and ~70 small projects (which are addons & clients for our 2 big projects)

Does Youtrack provide child projects?
I would need to use the versions, components, etc.. from the big projects in the child projects

Project 1: CMS (Version 1, Version2, Version3, Component1, etc..)
Project 2: Module1 (Version 1, Version2, Version3, Component1, etc..)

Now i have an task for Project2, but this task is depending on another task in project1
or another example:
There's a bug in Project2, but it's related to something in project1 and another task in project1 is related to some tasks in project2, project3, (and ALL other issues with an special tag)

Is this possible in youtrack?
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I was thinking of something similar to this.  I do not mind if I have multiple projects or one right now, I just want to work out how to use the tool.  I made an entry on this similar thread.  Seems the same question crops up 5 years on.  


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