How to permanently re-order the swimlanes on the agile board


I use Type : Feature for identifying swim-lanes, and would wish to order the Agile board on a custom property that I created called: Business Value

1. How can I re-order the Agile board permanently? I am able to drag and drop and reorder Features i have in my swim lanes, but after a while/refresh the ordering goes back to its original state.

2. How does the Agile board order swimlanes by default?

3. Is it possible to sort the swim-lanes based on my custom property: Business value?
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Hello Mesfin,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

1. You are right, you can reorder swimlanes by drag and drop. I cannot reproduce the issue with resetting the order. Please provide me with the steps and conditions.

2. By default, swimlanes are ordered by created date.
3. Yes, you can identify swimlanes by your field. Swimlanes can be identified by fields of all types except integer, float, period and string.

Thank you.
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1. After I drag and dropping swimlanes and sorting them manually, if i refresh in the browser [F5], the swimlanes again loose their sorting.  Reproduce by:

First screenshot shows initial state of incorrectly ordered swimlanes. I would want the swimlanes to be ordered by my custom property "Business Value" which is of type integer. The backlog search shown in the screenshot has the correct ordering with TCM-733 first, TCM-784 second, TCM-593 third etc.
If I drag and drop e.g. TCM-733 to the top on the agile board as screenshot 2, i can temporary re-order the items.


However, if I hit refresh [F5] in the browser, e.g. firefox or chrome, or ask someone else to view the agile board, then the sorting is lost again as screenshot 3.


2. Is there a way to override the default ordering of swimlanes to use my customer property "Business Value" instead of "Created date" ?

3. I was referring to sorting/ordering of swimlanes. Do you mean I can re-order them if I instead of identifying simlanes by "type: Feature, Bug" I should identify with something else and the sorting will work?
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Hi Andrew,

Is there any way to override the swimlane behavior? We want an overview agile board that displays swimlanes based on Project name and this seems to be counter-intuitive.
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I've answered udner related thread.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

We're having the same issue as described by Mesfin:  the ordering of swimlanes does not persist and can be reproduced as Mesfin describes.  Are there any plans to fix this issue?  the inability to maintain priority of the swimlanes on the agile boards is a large pain point for our team.

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