TeamCity Integration: limiting issues scope

Is it possible to limit TeamCity mapping to process only issues with given subsystem in the project.
Use case is following:
1. There is project with issues related to some solution
2. Solution consists of several applications with independent release cycle (frontend, backend, reporting etc)
3. For each application there is a build in TC
4. Each issue has subsystem set to one of the applications
5. Application release TC build should update Fixed in Build only for those items having this application in subsystem field

I'm aware of parsing issue ids from commit comments, but it'd be nice to be able to process resolved issues that are not mentioned in commit comments.
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Hello Konstantin,

Unfortunately, it's not possible.

Your case is clear, but currently, I can suggest you to use only different projects instead of subsystems to accomplish this.  

Thank you.
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I can not use different projects. One team working on several projects is not very convinient setup, besides it makes agile planning too complicted.
I'd rather introduce the rule stating that every commit comment should contain issue number it releates to.

Created a feature reuest
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I've offered the only workaround with creating issues in different projects as you've mentioned you're already aware of parsing ids from commit comments.

Thank you for your feature request!

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