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Hi everyone
We use YouTRACK to keep track of a number of things.  One of these is upcoming changes/deployments.
We had a request from a user to have the ability to view upcoming changes on a calendar.  As this isn't natively supported by YouTRACK, I put together a relatively simple piece of code to pull the issues out of the api and tied it to the excellent Fullcalendar jquery plugin.  I think it works really nicely and gives the ability to click through to the underlying YouTRACK issue.  The code is in ruby and it hosts well on Heroku.

If anyone has any interest - I'm happy to share :)
Hello David,

Thank you for being passion about YouTrack! We appreciate it very much.
We'll be happy to look at this working and discuss the implementation.

Thank you.
Hi Andrey
I'm sure I've come across a sandpit instance of YouTRACK that you guys have?  If you have something, I can point another instance of the calendar at this for people to take a look at (our tickets are a little sensitive).

There is a rough demo of this available at:

You'll need a sandbox account valid here:

It uses a project someone else had already put called TAZ.  It's not perfect as it just uses the issue creation date for the purposes of the demo.

It would be pretty simple to configure it to point at whatever instance + project you liked

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