Issues on HTML not categoried by type

My youtrack is 5.0.3 standalone version. I try to create releases note from "Issues on HTML" feature. However, my release notes does not category the issues by type, i.e., Bugs, Features, Usability Problem etc. just looks like YouTrack release note:*%7D%2C+5.0&title=5.0+Release+Notes&token=ge2uz9pies661m76q6zyzgl0z&showDescription=false&showComments=false

My release notes mixed all issues just in one big list:

bing-14 — Script for push prd database to demo
bing-18 — Budget calculator set to 0 if click reset one conditions tab
bing-20 — Draft and Reject states filter for campaign
bing-4 — Campaign approval or reject note
bing-3 — Campaign history
bing-16 — Text Change - Signup Page

In these issues, it actually has type. These are fields I filled in.

Priority -Normal
Type - Task
State -Fixed
Subsystem - Infrastructure
Fix versions - 2.5.2
Affected versions - 2.5.0
Fixed in build - Next Build

Do I miss some configuration?

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