Some e-mails don't appear in Youtrack


Is it possible that the e-mailadres in mailbox integration is case sensitive?
When people send to "" it is processed, but when they send to "" the mail is'n processed.

Can this be set to be case insensitive? If not, what would be the solution?
Hello Youri,

Do you have applied filter for 'To' address? Check it under Administration-> Mailbox integration-> Define a rule-> Filter tab.
Do you at least receive messages with 'LowerCaseUpperCase' address to target mailbox?
I attached a screenshot of the configuration.

If I check the gmail-account (second screenshot), the mail is there.

Because a user asked if we received his issues (and we didn't), I checked the mailbox to see if they were in there. I saw that the only difference with other mails was that the mailadres he sent to had a capital letter in there.
Si I sent 2 testmails, to be sure from an unknown user to Youtrack to confirm it had nothing to do with anonymous users.
One mail was sent to the mailadres all lowercase & one with mixed case. Both arrived in the gmail mailbox, but only the one in lowercase is processed in Youtrack.
We had some missing issues again that were sent to Youtrack via e-mail, because someone put a capital letter in the e-mailadress (for instance instead of
Not every user checks if the mail message gets added to Youtrack, so we loose issues this way.
Can this be avoided?

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