I'm new to YouTrac nad setting it up to be our support ticket system for small business. We're goign to use YouTrack to sort and handel ALL incoming supportemails.

I'm having dificulties to understand how to configure the Postprocessing –> "on issue created" & "on comment added" and how to aply/use the varaibles (${from}, ${to}, ${cc}).

I've configured the Mailbox integration and everything works fine.

Is there anyone that could give me a helping hand?

Screenshot 2013-11-18 09.24.39.png
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Hi DharmaMonie,

Please, take a look at the 5th point in guide, as I've mentioned in other related threads.

Let me know how, if have any further questions regarding the variables in commands, I'll be happy to help. As an alternative, you're able to provide me with your use case, I'll get back with the command.

Thank you.
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I have the same question as DharmaMonie

However the 5th point of mentioned guide has no information about "on issue created" & "on comment added"

Please provide answer or update guide


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