How should I report from YouTrack?  I know of the Matrix Report, but what I want to do is create reports which render certain fields from specific items according to a query, perhaps with HTML output instead of CSV, perhaps sorted/grouped by issue type or severity or component....

Thanks, Robin.
Hello Robin,

Taking into account your case, Matrix reports suits your goal. You may choose a parameter  under X or Y axis which should be rendered. Navigate to Matrix reports-> take a look at the available values under X and Y axis.
If it's not the case, then please provide me with the particular scenario.

Thank you.
Doesn't Matrix report merely render a count of issues subject to the X / Y axes?
My requirement is the flexibility to build a "release notes" type of report of all features in flight grouped by component, all issues in each component sorted by status, and for each of these to show the issue id, summary, assignee and state (and possibly other data).

Where a "subtask of" relationship exists I would like to see issues indented underneath their parent issue.

This would then be a report which I can print and take to steering committee meetings.

What do you suggest?

Does YouTrack have this ability now?

For example, Fogbugz automatically indented sub-issues under the parent.   it's very convenient and useful to view tickets that way.

Even for agile, showing the Epics listed  in the query, with indented related stories under them.. would be very helpful.




Hi, subtasks are indented on the Issues page (in Classic UI, with the Tree mode enabled):

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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