recover backup just by .blob files

i have a backup of my youtrack
i haven't access to old windows and folder
and i want to extract it in new windows OS for recovering
but .rar file have some problem in .xd file like below

"!   M:\ CRC failed in 00000012g00.xd. The file is corrupt

and .blob files all is correct
how can i recover my youtrack by .blob file ?
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Hi Shahir,

Is it possible to skip this file during the extracting process? If it's the case, please provide us with the list of extracted xd and blob files. On WinOS you can run
dir /a
under directory to where you extract the data.
With the only blob files, it's impossible to restore the database. Am I correct that there is no way to access your /teamsysdata folder of your current YouTrack instance?
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tank you
i haven't any access to  teamsysdata folder (old youtrack)
i have access to current YouTrack but i don't have access to old YouTrack
is exist any solution to recover manually ?
i can sending for you my compress file .


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