CSV import in Microsoft Excel

Can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet, so now I am doing it. How are my managers supposed to extract time tracking reports from YouTrack? I can create a report for them, but the exported CSV file cannot (easily) be read by Excel.

I have to enter several import options, and even after that the date fields are just plain integers. Did you have any thoughts about how non-techies were supposed to use this export feature?

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Hello Thor Muto Asmund,

Instead of moving csv file to Excel, you're able to use your own script, with import REST API methods, and format it as you wish.
Also, I can suggest you to try third party applications for intelligent data transfering from csv to Excel. As you can understand, we cannot unfortunately influence on import from csv to Excel.

Thank you and let us know, if need any further assistance, we'll be happy to help.
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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I know about the REST API. That is what I am trying to use, since the CSV export does not work with MS Excel.

I would be happy if you would address my other forum post, where I describe the problems I have extracting simple time tracking information from your REST API


I really hope you can answer this questions, if not, my company may have to abandon YouTrack in favour of a system where time tracking is easier and better integrated.
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You could influence on the import by:
1) Specifying in the output file which delimiter is used
2) Write the date fields in a more common format

See the attached file. This file will open up in MS Excel with dates showing correctly and without having to have the user go through the cumbersome import wizard.

TimeTrackingExportThatWorks.csv (232B)

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