Field to Identify Swimlanes - Project name for overviews?

We have an overview agile board that combines several projects into a single overall view for our management to interact with, unfortunately it is extremely cluttered due to the number of different projects we're working on. Is there any way to get the "field to identify swimlanes" to contain project name?

I'm currently toying with the idea of creating a workflow that automatically adds to a bundle of projects on issue create/update but that seems like a bad workaround. I was hoping to be able to choose it in the "field to identify swimlanes" dropdown.
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Hello Chris,

We've already spoken on this in other thread. Unfortunately, from the request it's not very clear. And I assume you meant:
to identify swimlanes by Project. So, in fact, it means to make a Project as an issue's custom field. Unfortunately, that's not possible.
If it'd be possible, how would you like it works?
Will it acceptable for you to vary projects' list in board's configurations? I assume this is very similar to your use case.

Thank you.

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