REST API: Get Comments method always returns false for showForIssueAuthor and deleted flags

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. As user1 I create an issue
2. As user2 I add a comment
3. user1 sees a comment
4. As user2 I create another comment, assign it to a group where user1 doesn't belong
5. user1 sees only the first comment, not the second one.

What is the expected result?
When I make a REST API call <domain>/rest/issue/<issue-id>/comment I should see 2 comments, first will have showForIssueAuthor=true, second - showForIssueAuthor=false

What happens instead?
I open the URL and it returns both comments, but both comments have showForIssueAuthor=false.
Same thing happens with deleted flag.

Can this be addressed as a hotfix?
Due to Youtrack reports being of fairly limited quantity, we are trying to circumvent them with reports written in Python and accessing Youtrack via API. But unfortunately we are running into issues like this here and there.

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