Fixed in Build and multiple TeamCity build configurations

In our team we're developing client-server product. We have one YouTrack project with multiple subsystems (one for server application and one for each client). Also, YouTrack project integrated with multiple build configurations from TeamCity (again, one for server and one for each client).

We have a problem with Fixed in Build field. When we're fixing, for instance, one issue for client and one issue for server (by applying command from commit comment), then Fixed in Build can be both: last client build number or last server build number.

What we want to achieve is filling Fixed in Build only for issues with necessary value in Subsytem field. In other words, we want to map TeamCity build configurations to Subsystem field values. Is it possible?
Hello Vladimir,

Sorry for a short delay.
I've found the following solution for you:
  • send a commit without a command, using ${build} and target subsystem in a comment.
In your case it looks lile: subsystem server-side ${build}
  • create a workflow which will parse the comment and use the token 'subsystem server-side' to define a subsystem and set it in Subsystem field.
  • finaly, send a commit to set the build number to 'Fixed in build' field.

Summ it up, to make it work correctly, you need to create a workflow for parsing comments for a subsystem token.
The sequence of actions will be:
1. Send a comment with build number and subsystem token.
2. Send a commit with Fixed in build command.

Thank you and feel free to contac tus, if need an assistance with this.
Hello Andrey,

I have several questions about your solution:
  1. From where I have to send a comment (or commit? it isn't clear, because your summary contradicts the first step from solution)?
  2. We don't commit directly to VCS (in our case it's Subversion). Instead of it we're using Pre-tested Commit feature from TeamCity. Will your solution to work in this case?
  3. It would be great if you provide sample workflow for my case.


1. Please, take a look at the related guide. The idea is to add a comment to a vcs commit which will include build number and subsystem token. You might be confused because in this case you have to use a comment without a command. No contradicts here)

2. This should work as well.
3. Ok, will do. A bit later, I'll post it here.

Thank you.

  1. We already using this approach (commands in commit comments). Why I have to use a comment without a command? It's very inconvenient - I don't want to do dummy commits just for adding link to build.

Consider simple case. I edited just one file and by that I fixed a bug. Following your approach, I would have to make two commits. What should contain the second commit?

About contradictions
You said:
1. Send a comment with build number and subsystem token.

I can send a comment without a commit. But nevermind :)


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