Reduce email notifications

Is there a way to reduce email notifications if you are part of a group?  

We have a user named support that is auto assigned to all new tickets.  It has it's own email address and is part of a YouTrack group that the rest of the support team is on.  We all have our own YouTrack user names as well.  When we respond to a message we get auto added to the watchers.  So if we comment we will then get and email for both the support user and our own.  Is there a way to limit this?  Or a better way to set it up?  I looked into workflows to see if it was possible to only send one email.  Sadly I could not figure out how to get the workflow to check if a specific user was assigned to it.  I also don't think it allows for you to not send a notification.
Under Profiles, you can fine-tune notifications. Have you checked there?

Correct me if I'm wrong- all users from support team are tied to one support address?
In this case disabling notifications for each user won't fix this. Even if you disable notifications and leave them enabled only for your 'support' user, his notifications will be received on that group email address.
Good thing is- disabling notifications per user (from users' profiles) allows you to receive only one email notification (on 'support' user actions), instead of receiving tons of them on same mailbox per each user changes. If it's accepted for you, that'd be a solution.
Intelligent way to set up mailbox integration is to have email address per user.

Thank you and feel free to contact us, if need an assistance at any point.
Yes one support address.  That is fine.  Disabling per user is not a solution, because when you do actually respond to an issue you may want notifications.

Each user does have their own email address.  There is also a support user who has a unique email address as well.  An example issue is
  • When I handle an issue that is assigned to the support user
  • I post a comment
  • My user is now added as a watcher.
  • I get an email from the support user since in the mail server I'm in the group that will get this.  I realize this is outside of YouTrack scope.
    1. Now this is where I was hoping a workflow would help. I don't think I mentioned it above.  But the support user and my user are both part of a group in YouTrack.  I was hoping I could check for this and short circuit a notification, but I don't think this is possible.
  • Someone else comments
  • Now I get 2 emails, one for my user and one for support.  I'd rather get one.
    1. Here I was thinking a workflow may work as well, by removing from the watch list.

I'm not quite sure what you mean in the user notifications, but I'll look there and see if that could work.  

Overall it's not a huge deal.  I just wondered if it were possible with workflows and got frustrated with no intellisense in the editor.  But looking at a blog post by Hadi it looks like there is.  Not sure why it doesn't work on my machine.
Hi Nick,

Thank you for details.
Would it be possible for you to disable 'created by: me' notification for 'support' user (Profile-> Filters and Notifications)?
Also, speaking of workflow for removing a user from Watchers list, you're able to off 'Auto-watch issues only on comment and vote' option under your Profile-> Filters and Notifications.
Auto-completion works by Ctrl-Space shortcut, did you try that? Did you download and upload workflows from/to server to sync your custom fields scheme?

Thank you.

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