TeamCity integration fixed in build

If I have the commit message "#PRO-21 fixed" YouTrack correctly changes the state of issue 21 from "In Progress" to "Fixed". Now the "Fixed" state is not a resolved state, it has to be verified. I only have one resolved state, that is "Closed", a user manually drags the issue from "Fixed" to "Closed". Should in this instance the "Fixed in build" field of the issue be filled out?

The only way I can get it to work is to make "Fixed" a resolved state, but to me "Fixed" should not be resolved, nor should the SVN commit say "#PRO-21 closed" as it still needs to be verified.

I have also checked the "Process resolved issues" to make sure any issues that are set to a resolved state and have not been mentioned in a commit get a "Fixed in build" value but this also doesn't happen.

Am I approaching this from the wrong angle? Any help is appreciated.

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