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Hi there,

I have done exactly this:

using the root account details for both youtrack sites - however the attachments are not being copied across with the issues.  Everything else is and looks good. REST is enabled on both sites.

The error is:

Can't create attachment
REASON:  <?xml version ="1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" standalone = "yes"?><importReport><item imported = "false"><error fieldname ="authorLogin" value = "myrootdetails">Value is unknown</error></item></importReport>

Please can you help with this?
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Hello James,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
Please, check if 'screenshot1'.png exists.
Which YTs do you have- Stand-alone or InCloud? If you try to migrate from InCloud to InCloud, the please provide me with your names of your instances, we'll migrate your database.If you migrate from Stand-alone to InCloud, you may upload your database to our ftp, let us know your InCloud instance name and we'll complete the process for you.
These options are described here.

Thank you.

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