how can I have a required field but without a default value

Specifically I'm trying to have the Type custom field be a required field but I don't want it to have a default value.
So on screen 5 (select default values) of the Edit Custom Field wizard, I want  Can be empty to be unchecked.
But I don't want to set a default value.
I want to user to have to choose a value before saving but I don't want to default to a value (which may be the wrong one).
Is this possible?
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Why can't you choose default value? Do you get an error?
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on screen 5 of the wizard I choose:
Can be empty : unchecked
Empty field text : No Type
Default Value : no default value
when I click save it says : Please select default values.

So to recap, when a new issue is created I don't want to automatically choose a default Type. I want the user to be forced to choose one before they save. Is that possible?
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Well, if you need to make the field 'Type' required, you have to choose 'Can be empty', input some 'empty text' and attach workflow that will prevent submitting issue with no 'Type':
rule require type 
when becomesReported() { 
  Type.required("Type is required!"); 

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