Merge root with other user?

I've been using YouTrack standalone locally for a while, just to keep track of bugs and plans, but I was the only user. I used the root account for everything.

Now I'd like to move it to a server and allow other users to register. I would like to move all the projects and issues from the root account to a new account that I would create for myself and only use the root for management purposes.

I don't want to just reassign the issues, because then it would still say "reported by root" and the history of assignments on the bottom right would still reference the root account:

Created by root 12 months ago (18 Jan 2013 03:30)
Updated by root 8 weeks ago (05 Dec 2013 18:10)

Basically merging the root into a new account and then creating a new root account would solve this. Is there a way to do this?


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