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I was trying to achieve it for some time. I need to filter tasks that have exceeded estimate. Both spent time and estimate fields are saved as periods. Can someone help me ?
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Hello, unfortunately you can't perform arithmetic operations on period fields yet. Please try to wrap the value using one of our special methods, for example, `getPeriodFieldValueInMinutes`:

Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you.

Hi there, im looking for a similar query. 

I need all tasks with a spent time > 0. (Spent time: >0 does not work)

Maybe somebody can help me.



Hello and thx for your feedback. I understand that a period field does not perform arithmetic operations.

But maybe u can help me to understand, how can i get a list of tickets with spent time >0? In your description i should firstly create a workflow with the command u postet me "getPeriodFieldValueInMinutes" and tag the tickets with "nothing spent"? After it i can filter the tickets with: show me all tickets which have the tag "nothing spent"? Is that the solution u meant?

Because this command does not work in the search console. Or is there a differnt way?



Hello Sebastian, I'm sorry for being misleading, of course the solution that I suggested is applicable to workflows only.

In the search we don't have such functionality yet, please vote for this feature request in our tracker:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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