Summary report of the remaining time of work to complete for each versions


Considering that you have a project "Resharper".

You have two tasks for the V1:
    - Create a "Code Lens" feature (50% completed,2d time spent, 4d estimated)
    - Bug fix for shortcut keyboard (40% completed, 5d time spent, 4d estimated)

One task for the V2:
   - Generate UnitTest for input parameters of a method (0% completed, 0d time spent, 4d estimated)

We would like have a report with the folowing dates for the project Resharper
Date V1 = today + 0.5 * 4("Code Lens") + 0.4*4
Date V2 = today + 4d
Date V1+V2 = today + 0.5 * 4("Code Lens") + 0.4*4 (shortcut keyboard) + 4d

Is it possible ? If yes, is it possible to make more advanced stuff (take care of ressource management) ?

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