After Restoring from Backup, Agile boards do not work

Hey Guys,

I am experiencing a pretty work breaking problem while trying to migrate my instance by backing up the database and then restoring it in the new machine.

I followed the guide where you backup -> turn off new machine -> delete and copy over the backup data -> turn new machine back on.

Everything seems to be working fine with it, with the single exception of Agile boards (and again, with the exception of 1!). Once i open up the agile board part, it throws a 404 error. Any ideas about what might be going on here?

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Actually, figured out what the problem was myself. Turns out it was due to the IIS configuration and it blocking + signs in the URL. Disabled that feature and everything started working, so there we go. If anyone else hosts Youtrack/TeamCity through IIS redirection, then thats what you have to do.

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