Unable to add OpenID providers after 5.1 update


I am unable to follow instructions here - http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD5/OpenID+Integration - the documentation seems to be out-of-date with current youtrack version 5.1.

In all previous 5.0.* versions we were able to copy custom OpenID provider icons to WEB-INF/classes/smartui/img/ - This directory is now gone in current youtrack version 5.1.  

I would be most happy with updated documentation for adding OpenID providers, any direction in this matter would  be greatly appreciated.
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After some additional testing and searching we have it working.

By recreating the missing /WEB-INF/classes/smartui/img directory and moving our modified version of OpenIdProvidersContainer.xml to the new /WEB-INF/classes/jetbrains-spring-configuration/jetbrains/charisma/openid/persistence location everything is working.

I wonder now if in a few months will the directory change again to /jetbrains-summer-configuration/

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