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I need to create a complex report on problems in youtrack
for example
Event, the number of comments, type, priority, response time (the first comment), closing

implemented reports do not fit. Tell me how to implement it?
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Apologize for short delay!
Thank you for considering YouTrack as a solution for your team.
Currently, YouTrack is able to satisfy your report requirements only partly.
You may create a Matrix report like:
Query: project <value> priority <value>
X: State
Y: Type

This case it's reasonable to create several reports for each priority.
Sadly, manipulations with comments are not available.
I'm happy to share with you that next major version, YouTrack 6.0 will include new instrument for reporting.

Also, you may take a look at our REST API for creating your own custom report.

You're welcome to let me know if need any assistance with this.
Thank you.

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