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I've seen JetBrainsTV on Youtube and watched a few of the videos.  However, most of them are for older versions, especially the ones that seem to have the most "meat".  Would it be a waste of time to watch a couple hours of videos on version 3 and 4 or would it be worthwhile?

Also, are there more resources for learning the product?
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Hello Scott,

Sorry for the delay one again!
New overview demos are available on a dashboard, on your YouTrack instance (
I completely agree with you some of videos are from older YouTrack versions, thus we eventually renew them.
You are welcome to learn our documentation and contact us if need any assistance, we'll be happy to help.

We also received your request by email, and decided to reply here as you posted most of your questions on our forum. Anyway, our or addresses are always available, so you may report your issues vie email.

Thank you.

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