How do you make a custom field "Required"?

I created a custom field and associated it with a bundle that has two options.  When I'm trying to attach it to a project, it tells me I have to enter a default value.  I don't want a default value because I want to force the user to choose one.  How do I do this?

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Hello Scott,

Sorry for short delay!
Please, enable 'Can be empty' option. This achieves what you need.

Thank you.
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That makes no sense.  I don't want it to be empty.  I also don't want a default value.  I want it to start out empty but not allow them to submit it as empty.

I have since discovered I think I can do this via a workflow.
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Hi Scott,

please leave 'Can be empty' option enabled and attach the following workflow:

rule Required field 
when becomesReported() { 
  Subsystem.required("Field 'Subsystem' is required."); 

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