Update estimation sum on parent task after manual change


I'm using YouTrack 5.1.2. In my project I have a hierarchical structure for tasks like this:
  Feature -> User Story -> Task
For a User Story I create some tasks and set the estimation there. The sum of the tasks estimation is automatically shown on the User Story and the sum of all the User Stories on the Feature. All fine so far.

When someone by accident changes the estimation on a User Story and thus overwrites the calculated value, it will not update any longer when you change some subtasks or add new subtasks even when you clear that field.

Is there any way to re-enable the automatic calculation of estimation on parent tasks?
I only managed this by removing all estimation entries but this is not a solution when you have lots of tasks.

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For me if initially there are the same 'Estimation' value for any pair (Feature - User Story) or (User Story - Task) and a subtask (e.g. User Story or tyask) 'Estimation' field is changed, the parent issue 'Estimation' synchronously automatically changed.

E.g. in you case it should be enough to consolidate the User Story 'Estimation' field with the Feature 'Esimation' field to renew the automatic calculation.

Your solution works fine, but if i have many subtask it is not easy to sum it up again.
I would like it so if i clear a the estimation field on the feature it then will sum the subtask estimation field. I looked at the workflow from github https://github.com/JetBrains/youtrack-workflows/tree/master/Accumulate%20Subtasts%20Estimates it works on int, is there any one that knows how to do it with periods. Sum subtask estimation and set it to the parent Estimation field.

Unfortunately period fields support hasn't implemented yet, please follow JT-18128.
E.g. in you case it should be enough to consolidate the User Story 'Estimation' field with the Feature 'Esimation' field to renew the automatic calculation.

What does "consolidate" mean in this context? (I am trying to solve this exact same problem.)

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"Consolidate" means that all parent tasks have to have Estimation == sum of Estimations of theirs subtasks.

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