Workflow editor: Squigly lines & missing fields in autocomplete

I regularly have problems with the workflow editor not knowing some fields anymore.
Today I copied a workflow

And pasted this as a new stateless rule under the same workflow. Immediately I get red lines below several fields.
The workflow works, but I can't add new fields because the autocomplete doesn't work and just typing the right name doesn't work. What I can do is type the new line in the first rule and paste it over to the new rule.

Anything I can check?
Did you copy the text or the rule? Can you complete existing fields in the copied workflow to avoid the errors?

Please also try to attach this rule to the project and redownload workflows again.
The rule was copied in the treeview (not the text). I couldn't complete existing fields in the copied workflow.

After attaching the rule to the project, like you said, it works.
I didn't know it was necessary to attach the workflow for some fields to work.

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