Workflow editor refuse to let me do anything

I'm trying to manually create a workflow, based on this one.

However, I get stuck when I must type this part:

Inside the square brackets, I can't get the autocomplete to work.

The same happens when trying to type anything inside the 'if' block.

Here's also a screencast that shows what's happening.

Please help.
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May I get some help on this issue please?
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Unfortunately I didn't managed to watch the attached movie.

I can't get the autocomplete to work.

Please clarify this point.

Note, you don't have to type '[]', but just put cursor inside and press Ctrl+Space.
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I was about to create a new screencast and share it on Google Drive, but then I found that what wasn't working five days ago, is working now.

And that's the main issue.

The Workflow editor is really a pain and so unreliable: sometime it works as expected, other times not.

For instance, I just managed to write this rule:

schedule rule Notify on no comments during time period 
daily at 12:00:00 [!issue.State.isResolved] { 
  if (comments.last != null &&"Developer")) { 
    project.leader.notify("[Youtrack, Notifier] Issue " + getId() + " needs your attention", "Issue " + summary + " has a recent comment added by a non-developer."); 

Then I've realized I forgot to add a "!" before"Developer"), so I try to add it and the result is that I can't. See attachment.

For some reason, YouTrack doesn't like it.
Even if I delete the whole ""Developer")", and try to type it from the beginning, it still show this as an error.

Deleting also the && that is preceding this condition, I finally managed to write what I wanted.

Writing workflows is really a nightmare and I can't understand how you can't see that.
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I share your disappointments, we're planning to improve Workflow Editor essentially and move it into the YouTrack. Please follow JT-17984.

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