searching a ticket with multiple ticket-ids

Hi there,

in our organization it is a common case, that we move tickets between different projects to push it to the
next separate workflow . With every project change, the ticket gets a new project based ticket-id.
Now, using a browser and enter a URL (http://<server>/issue/OLD-1) with the old ticket number
is possible and YouTrack shows the ticket with the new number but searching in youtrack for
the old number shows no results.

Is there any way/keyword/switch to search for these old ticket-id's?

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Hello Ralph,

Yes, that's expected behavior.
Issue is available by direct URL with an old id, but in YouTrack the issue becomes available only by new id as it has been moved to another project. Unfortunately, multiple ids are not available.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

thanks for the answer, even if it was the expected one ;)
For now the direct URL with old id is a possible workaround for us.


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