YT, 5.2. Helpdesk Email collection

I am currently testing 5.2 in our lab and looking at the multi email on none registered users.

I have the settings in place and the system seems to be working apart from one issue.

During the email collection it collects the email address or our helpdesk system ( and adds this to the customer email field. We kept the name as it is required to fit in with our current setup. Is there a way to have the email collection of the workflow ignore an email address. In this case Would be nice to not have to rewrite the rest of the work flows, if i can stop it being collected on creation.

Email collection work flow.

  if (Last comment author.isNotEmpty) {
    for each email in Last comment author.split(" ", preserveAllTokens) {
      if (email.isNotBlank && !(email.eq(getNotificationEmail(), ignoreCase))) {
        if (Customer email.isEmpty) {
          Customer email = email;
        } else if (!(Customer email.split(" ", preserveAllTokens).contains(email))) {
          Customer email = Customer email + " " + email;
    Last comment author = null;
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Dear Ian,

Thank you for using YouTrack!

The method getNotificationEmail() returns you the project 'from' email (configured on Project page) or the global 'from' email (configured on Setting page, in Email section). So, your email (i.e. should be set as project 'from' email for your help desk project (or as the global one if you prefer to leave project 'from' email equal to the global one).
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Thanks Mariya.

Pointed me in right direction, problem wasn't email collection but the post processing rule. I just had to remove the ${To} from the post processing. No more looping.

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