How to hide sprint in the Agile Board


We have been using YouTrack and the agile board for some months and now, we have a lot of "Versions". Most of them (90%) are released and there is no use to see them in the Agile Board Sprint combo box. We have clicked on the "Release It" button in the Versions enum but it doesn't change the fact that we still see them in the Agile Board.

Is there a way to hide released sprint in the agile board so it's much easier/faster to select the desired sprint?

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Hello Mikhail, I've replied to you in a separate thread.

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I have found the answer by myself. You need to "Archived It" for it to be hidden in the dropdown in the Agile Board. Hope it will help others!
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Hi Jean-François Côté,

I have a quastion about this, hopefully you can help me. I've deleted sprints but they remain visible in the agileboards. Even if i create a new board. Any idea how i can archive these? Because i can't open the dropdown on the agileboard where you can archive sprints.

With kind regards,
Remon van Seeters
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You need to go in the administrator panel to do the archive thing. But be aware that these version will not be selectable ANYWHERE in Youtrack, which is kind of not a good thing... But maybe it's ok in your case.

Have a good day!
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I've created a custom field to track fix versions

I've added a bunch of versions that represent our sprints

I've archived the versions that we successfully released (particularly sg-16-40)

However I'm still able to see them in the sprint dropdown 


They become archived only if I manually archive them in the pop up window


Is it an expected behavior? If so how can I synchronize fixed version field statuses with sprint drop down values so that if I archive a sprint the related fixed version becomes automatically archived and the other way round?

Thanks and kind regards,



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