Setting a task to Fixed shows a popup with a "State Fixed duplicates " command prefilled

How come? The task is not a duplicate and I cannot move past this step.


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Hello Emil,

Could you please provide me with the screenshot?
What Workflows are attached to the project (any custom?) ?

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,
I'm no expert at Youtrack so I'm not sure what workflow we use but I can describe what I think the problem was.

  • We use an Agile Board that displays Open, In progress, Fixed and Verified states.
  • At some point I moved a few tasks to the Duplicate state and got a warning message on the board that there were som tasks that could not be displayed since their states were hidden. Everything seemed to work ok anyway so I did not really worry about that.
  • However, it seems that Youtrack got confused with this as I later got the error I described when trying to move tasks to the Fixed state, and it would then think that the state should be Duplicate instead.
  • Sometimes I could fix the error by creating a new task and move that to Fixed instead but sometimes the clone would not work either.
  • We fixed the problem by changing the state of all the earlier Duplicate tasks to Won't fix and have not had the problem since then.

Hope this helps.


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