Unauthorized when trying to create a TeamCity Mapping

I am unable to create a TeamCity mapping in YouTrack version 5.2.1.

I do the following steps:

1. Successfully add a TeamCity Server
2. Open the 'TeamCity Mapping' dialog
3. Select a YouTrack project
4. Select the added TeamCity server
5. Trying to select a TeamCity project, but get the following error:

"Logic error caused by: GET http://SERVERNAME/app/rest/projects returned a response status of 401 Unauthorized"

I am using the built-in authentication mechanism in TeamCity, and the user I am logged in with on YouTrack also exists on TeamCity with the same username, password and e-mail.

Can you please help me?
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Hi! I'm having the same issue right now, in exactly the same configuration!

Wenn I play the GET Request on the browser, I'm getting a response though.
It is as if the settings entered at step 1 are not taken in account at step 5...

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