Importing linked issues from CSV

I'm currently collaborating with a client on creating user stories a GoogleSheet and would eventually like to import the stories into YouTrack via a CSV import.

I've read the page on the YouTrack site about mapping the CSV fields to YouTrack, which all makes sense. However I want to know if it's possible to import linked issues? If yes, what's the mapping format?  For example, could I create a column in my sheet as follows:

Linked To

And in this column I would put the Issue ID that needs to be lined to?

All my Linked To items will be sub-tasks of a parent issue, so I'm wondering if I can get away with just having this one extra column.
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Thank you for your request.
Unfortunately, the option is not available at the moment, but that's a nice feature to implement. We enhance our CSV import functionality, so that we are glad to hear feedback.

Thank you.

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