IMAPs Mail intégration

Hello All,

I'm having trouble to integrate emails from gmail.

Let's start with some basic configuration information.

  youtrack version: 3.1.2

  Mailbox Integration Settings:
     imaps:// (test validated  :-))
  Mail rules:
     Project ok, Mail box: (the one above) Reporter: Me
     Filter INBOX (see all the folder from Gmail, so connection is ok  :-))
     Reporter: Always set Me
     PostProcessing : empty/nothing... (for now)

When I make a fetch from the inbox, I get this message:

Unknown field [Subsystem] of type [Issue]. Workflow rule "jetbrains-youtrack-subsystemAssignee->Set subsystem owner as assignee for new issues" thrown exception in project ABC. Contact rule owner root (root) for futher information.

Then I get a return message in my mailbox:

Dear Me,
A following problem occured while pocessing email from mailbox:
Failed to execute command from email :
for user fromMail
Sincerely yours, YouTrack 3.1.2 (build #2115 [27-Jan-2012 16:10] )

No other integration configured such LDAP, teamcity, OpenId

The messages says:
Set subsystem owner as assignee for new issues
What is a SubSytem owner?
Where to configure...

Many thanks for any of your advices.

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