How to create a shared tag that all users can apply to issues

Since upgrading to 5.2.2, tags that are not "Updatable by group" for the user's group cannot be applied to issues.  It is still visible.  What is the definition for the setting "Updatable by group"?  It seems to behaving as if only that group can use that tag, is this the desired behavior?

Ideally, we'd like to have a 3rd setting: "Usable by group" (or something along those lines).  This way, a supervisor can create a tag, no one else can update it, but others can view and use the tag.
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If the tag is Visible to target group but Updatable by owner only (or by another group, to which target users are not included), users from target group are able to use the tag, but are not allowed to update it. What do you observe when the user tries to use the tag?

Thank you.

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